Sewer Authority

The Clear Lake/Clearwater Sewer Authority was formed in 1977 to operate a shared sewer system providing services to the communities of Clear Lake and Clearwater.

The Sewer Authority is established under a Joint Powers Agreement and operated by a five-member governing Board.  Questions may be directed to the Clearwater City Administrator, who also serves as the Sewer Authority Director. 

Clear Lake/Clearwater Sewer Authority Board Members

The Board consists of 5 members: the Mayor and one Councilmember appointed by each member city and a member-at-large appointed annually by the other Board members.  The chair of the Board alternates annually between the Mayors of the two cities.  The member-at-large must be either a resident or business owner in one of the communities that is connected to the system.  The member-at-large is an annual appointment.

2023 Board Members: 

Mayor Tim Goenner, Chair (Clear Lake)

Mayor Andrea Lawrence Wheeler, Vice Chair (Clearwater)

Karen White (Clear Lake)

Travis Winkelman (Clearwater)

Sarah Tasa (Member-at-large)

Clear Lake/Clearwater Sewer Authority Meeting Dates

The Sewer Authority currently meets bi-monthly the third Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m.  Meeting locations alternate between the two cities.  Meetings are open to the public.   

Clear Lake City Hall is located at: 7684 1st Ave West, Clear Lake

Clearwater City Hall is located at: 605 County Road 75 NW, Clearwater


Clear Lake/Clearwater Sewer Authority
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