City of Clearwater Compost Pick-Up

The City of Clearwater provides year-round curb-side compost pick-up, including brush and other yard waste, for the benefit of city residents. There is no charge for pick-up.

Pick-Up Days:

Compost pick-up is scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month.  Depending upon the volume, pick-up may extend into Thursday to complete the entire city.

Place bags/piles either at the curb or at the edge of your alley by 7:00AM on the scheduled pick-up date.


  • Authorized compost includes leaves, grass clippings, or small brush up to 6 inches in diameter or smaller.
  • Compostable bags are required and shall not exceed 50lbs at pick-up.
    • Compostable bags must be certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI-certified).                  
    • Bags must be knotted. Do not use zip ties, wire ties, or other non-compostable material.
    • Residents are responsible for the purchase of compostable bags. Bags are available to purchase from online or in-store retailers. We recommend only purchasing bags as-needed; compostable bags have a shelf-life and will begin to decompose.
    • The City of Clearwater will begin to enforce this requirement starting June 1, 2024. Failure to use compostable bags will result in no pick-up.
  • Leaves and grass clippings must be bagged in BPI-certified compostable bags.
  • Brush/branches must be piled in an orderly manner with the largest end towards the street.
  • Not eligible for pick-up:
    • Stumps or root balls
    • Any brush with dirt attached
    • Non-BPI certified compostable bags or any bags secured with zip ties, wire ties, or string.
    • Overfilled, ripped or untied bags
    • Compost materials from properties outside of the City of Clearwater (non-residents). Compost materials must originate from properties within city limits.


 Example of brush/branches placement for pick-up. It must be piled and cut side facing the road. City staff operate a woodchipper along the pick-up route.





We do not accept root balls or any brush that has dirt attached.




Failure to comply with any of the requirements will result in no pick-up service for that day.

Drop-Off Option:

You may also drop off your grass cuttings/leaves yourself at the compost pile located at the City Maintenance Shop located at 1275 County Rd 75 NW, Clearwater, MN 55320. The compost site is only available to residents within the City Limits of Clearwater.  

If you are using compostable bags for drop-off, you do not need to empty the bag. Please make sure the bag follows the requirements stated above. If you are not using compostable bags, please empty the clippings/leaves from the bags.

You are also welcome to take compost or wood chips from the piles for your personal use. This site is monitored by cameras and violators may be prosecuted.

For more information about curb-side compost, please see City Code Sec. 14-192 – Curb-side compost.

If you have any questions, please reach out to John Schmidt, Public Works Supervisor, at 320-290-2233.

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