All recycling can be combined in the same container; you do NOT have to keep anything separate.  Please do not overfill your trash can, the lid should be closed.  If you need to increase/decrease the size of your can, please call city hall.  Additional garbage tags are also available at city hall for $4.00 for a 30# bag of trash. Refuse pick-up is every Thursday starting at 6:00a.m. Recycling pick-up is every other Thursday. Holidays may impact your service schedule. Contact City Hall to confirm any service changes. You may also visit Republic Services' Website to confirm your service schedule.


According to the snow removal policy, the City of Clearwater will remove snow from City streets after 2 inches or more have accumulated. ALL vehicles need to be off the streets. Vehicles that are not moved will be towed away at the owner's expense. It is the responsibility of the owner or occupant of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk to clear it within 24 hours after the snow fall. If you notice the fiberglass marker that extends up from the hydrant is missing, please contact City Hall so it may be replaced.


Effective June 1st. – August 31st the city recognizes the odd/even watering ban. If your house # is an odd number, you can run your sprinklers on the odd days of the month, an even house # on the even days of the month. All water used will be subject to sewer rates unless you have a separate meter for your outside water usage. A second water meter can be purchased through the city.  



Permits are required for sheds, decks, fences, swimming pools, roofing and siding. Please contact city hall 320-558-2428 or the website to obtain a copy of the permit or to question whether a permit is needed for the project you are doing.


Smart digging means calling 811 before each job. One call to 811 gets your underground utility lines marked for FREE. Don't assume you know what's below. Protect yourself and those around you – Call 811 every time.



1.  All dogs over 4 months old should be licensed.  The city also recognizes a leash law.

2.  Keep property maintained according to city code which includes mowing all the way to the street/road.

3.  Keep the sidewalk clear if you have one along your property.


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